Tourism industry attains new heights with the advent of GPS tracking systems

luggage tracker

One of the most beautiful countries in the world, Italy has been the famous vacation destination since time immemorial. With approximately 52.4 million tourists in a year, it is the fifth most visited country in the world. A country known for its rich culture, cuisine and heritage, it has been the favourite tourist spot for visitors all around the globe. The flourishing tourism industry boosts up the economy of the country and generates estimate revenue of 189.1 billion Euros.

The increasing number of tourists in the country calls for attention in order to maintain the high standards of hospitality of the Italians. The major tourist spots get so crowded during the peak season that it becomes very difficult to manage the situation. The native population objects to the interference in their private lives. Therefore, new measures have been taken up by the tourism industry to establish harmony between the visitors and the hosts. One of these measures is the use of the GPS tracking systems in order to ensure that the tourists enjoy a stress-free vacation.

While travelling to a foreign location, it is extremely important to take care of our belongings that include all our important documents such as passport, visa and money. These are the most vital things that one needs to survive in a foreign nation. It is not uncommon to lose your luggage in a place like Rome, Venice or Milan that are swarming with people from all corners of the world. Also, with the recent cases of children pickpockets, it is advisable not to take a chance with your baggage. Therefore, we need to take care of these essentials and protect them using a luggage tracker.

ThinkRace Technology can help you protect your luggage with its latest innovative product Luggage Tracker AT15. It is a lightweight and sleek device that can be easily fitted into your suitcase. It uses the Global Positioning Systems to trace the position of your luggage and enables you to find your misplaced belongings. This baggage locator device comes with a pre-loaded global SIM with a lifetime warranty. An SOS button is placed on the asset tracker which immediately sends the location details of your luggage to your phone. It can also be tracked through our app and application system.

The most salient features of the Luggage Tracker AT15 are:

• Real-time location management

• Long battery backup

• Illegal removal alarm

• 3D G-sensor

• Geo-fence

ThinkRace technology is one of the leading manufacturers of GPS tracking devices. We are a solution providing company with an aim of serving our clients with the products that have been equipped with the latest technological advancements. These GPS tracking systems play a vital role in the growth and development of the blooming tourist industry of Italy. With the aid of these luggage trackers, the tourists can explore the amazing arena of the country without worrying about the safety of their bag packs and suitcases.