How daycare centers can promote safety of children through GPS smart watch?


There is nothing bigger for a caretaker than the overall wellness of children at their daycare center. The fundamental concern when evaluating potential daycare centers is if the facility is equipped to handle the safety needs of kids who are going to stay there for several hours.

Protecting kids is indeed a top priority of every daycare center. Daycare centers today are adapting various techniques that are helping them to handle safety issues the very smart way. The smooth running of a daycare includes the unanimous acceptance of IoT devices, wearable GPS tracker devices to keep avoidable dangers at bay. GPS tracker watches are helping in watching over kids at the daycare center.

Real-time location tracking- GPS smart watches for kids are designed to make you aware of the device’s location at all times. You can track children’s whereabouts in real time from where ever you want to. To help you keep your daycare center’s business safe ThinkRace Technology has researched the most popular child GPS tracker watch models. Taking advantage of the new technology and wearable gadgets will help you to ensure the children’s protection.

Peace of mind for parents and caregivers- Parents are always worried about the safety of their kids, even when they are at the daycare center. A GPS smart watch for kids is always traceable and reachable in case of emergencies. This offers great solace for parents and caregivers, enough to guarantee the much-needed peace of mind.

Create radius of safety- You can control whether the kids at your daycare are inside the boundaries or ended up somewhere else, by defining a safe zone through a GPS watch you can control the situation. This technology is called geo-fencing. So whenever any child of your daycare goes out of the predefined radius, a notification will be sent to the caregiver. This feature decreases the time and the effort you would invest in looking after the children.

Tracks activity- Today when obesity is a growing problem for kids all over the world, every daycare center give physical activity time to the kids. A tracking device that can count runs, steps, laps and time could be the best thing for the children. Children who don’t want to do any physical activity can be motivatedwith use of this smart watch. Parents look forward to the daycare centers who promote physical activity for kids.

Emergency management- At the time of medical emergency or an unwanted situation in which a child is involved in, you can be aware of the trouble and help them. The SOS button lets the children send a message to the caregiver and caregiver can rush to their help immediately.


ThinkRace Technology’s kids smart GPS watch will allow you to know where kids are at any time of the day. Setting up the watch is very easy and use of this smart watch is also very convenient. GPS smart watch comes with many features which enhance the safety of the child. As a daycare center owner, you will be glad that every child at your center is carrying the most advanced GPS smart watch on the market.