How GPS technology enables tracking device to change the way for elder’s care in old-age homes?

elderly watch pt88

World Population Ageing report showed that the elderly population growth rate is more rapid in developing countries than in developed countries. At the same time, projection of elderly population in Europe will grow 430% from year the 2000 to 2050.

Population aged 65 and above expected to increase more than three times from year 2010, and shifting Italy into an aging population by year 2021. Hence, the wellbeing of the elderly should be given attention from now on.  Technology is  one  of  the  ways which can  hold up  elderly in their everyday  life, and also able  to augment their comfort and safety at home

Elderly Safety is a decisive concern among the masses. Individuals practicing Geriatrics have done studies for the Elderly to lead a peaceful and an easier life. Yet, it has been tough for them to come up with something that works for everyone.

Keeping that in mind, we at ThinkRace Technology has designed GPS smart watch for the elderly .

Equipped with features like SOS button that triggers a crucial call to the registered correspondent in emergency! The watch can give the user information regarding Calorie-intake and help them monitor their sleep pattern as well.

We take steps to ensure safety of the elderly. We admit them to Old-Age Care Facilities or hire a nurse to take care of them. There’s an old saying: As people grow older, they start acting like kids. The Elderly do not like to be chained down to one place.  But, nobody likes to give up their rights to freedom. The Elderly can go anywhere, but in a moment of distress, they have something rely on. With a simple press of the SOS button, real time position is sent to the Emergency Contact of the person.

Boon for old-age homes

For the sake of convenience of elderly people, the GPS smart watch PT88 proved a big blessing. The world-class system based and features contain some distinct specifications of being ‘waterproof IP67 advance version’, light in weight, portable, two way communication link, alarm clock, heart rate monitor, real-time location trace, durability of the concentration polymer battery is at least 7 days charging and very comfortable wearing as well.

Heart rate monitor measures the pulse rate of heart and in this way is enough to help check the state of health.

Why ThinkRace

Having 11+ years of experience, we provide comprehensive elder SOS system ODM/OEM/JDM services. We are focused on providing innovative manufacturing tracking solutions with our customized app& application.