How tracking devices enhanced the safety and security for ageing parents?

Old People safety

Coming to the old age is a phenomenon which everybody has to face. As the time changes, everything started adopting new changes from working style to living style. Now everyone is dependent on the digital technology for their way of living from the day starts to the end. Living in a healthy way is the best thing can anyone can do and is most important for the elderly people.

But as we all know, everyone is busy with the fast-paced life, and no can have the time to stop and think about their health and fitness. In case of seniors, the concept totally differs they have time but no one who can help them in scheduling their health and fitness routine. As nowadays, there is so much focus on success and everyone want to achieve more and more.

General Safety Tips for seniors

Here we provide a list of safety tips to ensure safety and well-being of seniors:

• Lighting: To minimize the cases of fall, some indoor and outdoor sites of the residence should properly lit

• Door answering: The seniors should be careful enough while answering any call over the door. The stranger may possess possible threats. Thus, use of security gadgets and sensors should be taken into consideration while dealing with any stranger at the door.

• Medical alert: seniors should use the alerts of taking medicines in times. Although many of the companies proving the medical alert and alarm facilities.

• Fire hazards: This is one of the potential threat, which should be given extra efforts like checking regularly the working of various smoke and CO detectors.

• Proper medication: Most of the seniors have to take the medicines of several diseases together. Thus, seniors should have a pill arranger to ensure that the right medicine is taken at a time.

• Walking aid: seniors should use a correctly measured walking stick so as to ensure good walking habit.

• Emergency contacts: Seniors should always have a cell phone with emergency contact number of their family member and security agencies.

The most common diseases elderly people face nowadays!

The diseases which are nowadays becoming a reason to keep a track in seniors every single activity are Alzheimer’s and dementia. People with dementia face problems like short-term memory, keeping track of a purse or wallet, paying bills, planning and preparing meals, remembering appointments or travelling out of the neighbourhood and many more.

Tracking Gadgets playing a vital role in both the diseases know how?

Today, there are a variety of safety gadgets available in the market which help the seniors in performing their various tasks properly and make them self-reliant and independent.
Have a look at some of the most important function of tracking devices, which are exclusively designed for the senior’s safety and security:

Real-time location: This prominent feature which gives you the exact and reliable location of the ageing parents.

Health Monitor: It helps in Report & monitors sleep, calorie, pedometer, the real-time distance through API and platform.

Two-way Communication: This function fills the gap between two people and makes seniors independent by an option of Dialling & answering the calls on their own and conduct voice message also.

SOS Emergency call: In case of any emergency, tap on the SOS button to trigger a crucial call. This function helps seniors in a case when they need you the most.

Automatic reminder: Generally seniors forget about their medication schedules. But this alert watch for elderly will remind them about taking medicine in the appropriate given time.

Smartwatch for elderly – with a little more care

For ageing parents, everything should be pre-planned but because of the busy day-to-day schedules, no one can take out some time for the safety and well being of the elderly people. And that’s why half of the people are dependent on caregivers and nursing homes for better care. If you are the one who is running the nursing home business, an elderly GPS watch will sure prove your best partner in need with better safety and security for the well being of your clients.