OBD GPS Tracker VT200B

Model No: VT200B

VT200b is the new and improved car location tracker device; it is the easiest way to track your fleet from the comfort of your office. Just plug the device into car’s OBD-II port. Use your vehicle’s existing port will supply uninterrupted power to your tracking device. Unlike traditional hardwired tracking devices, this OBD2 tracking system can be easily moved from one vehicle to another with no tools and no effort; it is completely a plug and play device. Some features the incredible features of this device are real-time tracking, geo-fence. History route, trip report, mileage report, illegal removal alarm, fuel consumption analysis and so on.

obd tracker vt00B




  • null
    Real-time location
  • null
    History route
  • null
  • Multi Mode Positioning
    Trips (Single trip and day/week/month)
  • folder
    OBD real-time data (default was closed)
  • null
  • Vehicle detect


  • signal-1
    Quad band GSM/GPRS frequencies 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • null
    Internal superior sensitivity MTK chipset
  • icon-2
    OBDII connectivity, easy to install
  • driving-icon-1
    Internal 3-axis accelerometer for motion detection and driving behavior analysis
  • null
    Build-in backup battery with long standby time
  • radio-1
    Internal GSM/GPS antenna
  • high-voltage-1
    Wide operating voltage range 8V to 28V DC
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ThinkRace Technology’s VT200b OBD2 GPS car tracker is a user-friendly device you can just plug and play in whichever car of your fleet you need to. We understand the needs of the businesses and provide them with the best in the market devices. Our clients can also customize their apps and applications by using our ORM/ODM/JDM services.

Basic parameters

GSM Specifications

Frequency 850/900/1800/1900MHz
GPS Chipset MTK3337
Receive Frequency 1575.42MHz
Acquisition Sensitivity -145dBm
Tracking Sensitivity -160dBm
TTFF(Open Sky) Cold start:< 30s
Hot start:< 2s

General Specifications

Power < 1.2W
Dimensions 59*49*23mm
Weight 45g
Operation Temp -30℃~70℃
Flash 16M bit
Electric Current Operation Current:50mA;
Sleep Current:8mA
Air Discharge 10kv
Transmit Protocol TCP/UDP

How it works

Step 1

Download the APP

Step 2

Install to the car

Step 3

Drive and data collection

Step 4

Receive and analysis the report

Real-time tracking at its best

VT200b OBDII tracking device delivers real-time updates of the location, view where it has been, and run reports on the vehicle’s behaviour from anywhere you have a web connection.

Invisible fence for total security

With OBD 2 tracking system, completely manage Telematics data which is end-user friendly. The OBD real-time locator features deliver better insights into your business. Invisible fence for total security

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