What role GPS tracking technology and SOS buttons plays in lone workers safety?

persona gps tracker

Office-based job is rare for lots of industries like construction, manufacturing and healthcare. In fact, in many positions within those sectors need staff to work alone in challenging environments.

And, as an employer, you are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of your workers. This is where GPS tracker comes in. For the safety, of your employee ThinkRace Technology manufactured a personal GPS tracker.

If your worker is out on a job site, you can monitor their whereabouts with GPS technology. A panic button helps them to call for help in the event of an emergency. The combination of GPS trackers and panic buttons together formed a best personal tracking device.

With 12 years of market experience and working with more than 500 fortunes companies, ThinkRace Technology has become one of the leading GPS Tracker, IoT Solution & Fitness Monitoring Equipment’s Company. They have helped in many sectors like tour and travel, GYMs, industrial sector, construction area and healthcare.

How personal GPS tracking device work?

There are many possible uses of personal trackers and panic buttons, as it is very helpful for the safety and accountability of anyone working alone or in remote area.

In the last several years, GPS technology has grown exponentially. It has incredibly helped in locating and providing direction which was not possible a decade ago. Now a day’s panic button and safe zone are inbuilt in tracking device to provide extra layer of security.

Devices with GPS technology gives 24/7 tracking solution from 24 satellites that broadcast radio signals from space. The device using GPS gathers data from these signals and marks a specific location. Then it sends the exact location to an external monitoring system that track the information.

How GPS devices with SOS button can improve lone worker safety?

With the help of GPS tracking, management can easily track the daily movement of a lone worker, and whole data will be present in their mobile device. Traditionally, workers have used check-in method where workers or supervisors check their timed intervals, but GPS technology has improved this process. Panic button is very useful for any worker, especially those who are working alone. Lone workers are at higher risk in workplace as they have no coworkers or supervisors around them. Up-to 2 million workers faced violent situations in the workplace each year, among which most of it goes unreported. Panic button gives workers the ability to call for help when needed. Having inbuilt panic button in tracker alert authorities or concerned individual of the current location when pressed in emergency situation. For safety purpose you can remotely monitor their surroundings with remote voice monitoring.
Lower the risk of lone workers

When it comes to safeguard lone workers, remember that you have as much responsibility toward them. They are at a greater risk of injury and need a tracking system to promote their protection. Use personal tracker ODM/OEM/JDM services to create tracking device for your lone workers. And get complete App and Application customization for real-time tracking.